Content and Training Associate

Vikas Varma

Vikas Varma is a Content Developer & Trainer at Pratham’s International Collaborations team. He is the key support for math capacity building of the government master trainers and teachers to implement Catch Up in Zambia, and reviews programme implementation. Additionally, Vikas supports math training of government staff and partner organisations across several countries in Africa.

Vasant Makwana

Vasant Makwana is a content developer and trainer at Pratham’s international collaborations team. As the literacy trainer in Nigeria, he is responsible for capacity building of master trainers and mentors in the government and partner organisations. He also supports the creation and review of classroom activities and materials.

Irene Njeri

Irene Njeri is a Content and Training Associate at TaRL Africa in Kenya She works with the TaRL Africa team to provide instructional support to learners, volunteers, parents, and communities throughout TaRL implementation. She also supports quality control and mentoring with a goal to improve the learning outcomes of primary school children in Kenya.

Emmanuel Omurunga

Emmanuel Omurunga is a Content and Training Associate at TaRL Africa’s central team. In this role, he supports the understanding and implementation of the TaRL approach and learning techniques by providing instructional support to Master Trainers, classroom instructors and mentors. He also works with partners and the TaRL content team to design, organise and support …

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