Research and Learning Associate

Victor Olajide

Victor Olajide is a Research and Learning Associate with TaRL Africa in Nigeria. Victor currently supports the design and management of research and learning on the TaRL pilot programme in Kano State, Nigeria. He also supports the dissemination of research findings with team members and other relevant stakeholders.

Sabina Wendiyi Obere

Sabina Wendiyi Obere is a Research and Learning Associate at TaRL, working with the central team. She supports Research and Learning processes across several African countries with an aim to continuously improve the effectiveness of the TaRL approach over time.

Prince Muraguri

Prince Muraguri is a Research and Learning Associate at TaRL Africa, working with the Zambia team. Prince’s work at TaRL Africa focuses on implementing innovations to the TaRL methodology in Zambia (Catch Up), as well as assisting in the design, preparation and implementation of a Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT) to evaluate the impact of Catch …

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