Côte d’Ivoire’s TaRL program integrated in the Government’s Primary Education Strategy

In response to the pressing learning crisis in Côte d’Ivoire, the Ministry of National Education and Literacy (MENA) is supporting various initiatives to promote primary education.  According to the Programme d’Analyse des Systèmes Éducatifs de la Confemen (PASEC 2019), Ivorian children finish primary school with significant gaps in French and Mathematics; 59.5 percent of children do not have foundational reading skills, and 41.2 percent do not master the basic Mathematics skills.

Great strides have been made to improve children’s learning outcomes. MENA’s foundational skills strategy (SNAPAS), now includes the scaling up of Program d’Enseignement Ciblé (PEC), Côte d’Ivoire’s TaRL program. Two key funding mechanisms will support the strategy: the Child Learning Education Facility (CLEF) and The World Bank’s Performance For Results (PfoR)

This strategic move of combining proven methodologies, projects, and programs, including PEC, under a single umbrella initiative aims to strengthen fundamental reading, writing, and mathematical skills over the course of the next five years.

MENA officials and TaRL Africa Côte d’Ivoire team after meeting as part of the PNAPAS master trainers training workshop launching.

Another significant milestone recently reached was the rollout of the National Program for Enhancing Early Learning known as Programme National Dámelioration des Premiers Apprentissages Scolaire (PNAPAS). Following the initial steps of standardizing tools and crafting training modules in July this year, a pivotal event took place in August—the training workshop for the PNAPAS’s National Master Trainers. The overall objective of the workshop was to build the capacity of trainers who will end up facilitating sessions for regional trainers and educators, ensuring the seamless execution of the PNAPAS.

To bring the PNAPAS to fruition, a formidable team of 160 national experts has been assembled. This cohort comprises 65 specialists in reading and writing, 65 experts in mathematics, and 30 authorities in preschool education. These are remediation experts in reading and mathematics. These skilled professionals are drawn from every level of pedagogical responsibility, encompassing roles such as national education inspectors, subject coordinators, pedagogical advisors, and more.

As the training progresses, dedicated trainers will soon undertake the task of instructing all 295 Instituts d’Enseignement Préscolaire et Primaire (IEPPs ) and 2,000 Centre de Promotion pour la Petite Enfance et la Préscolarisation (CPPPs) across the nation. By early September 2023, the national master trainers will oversee the training of approximately 18,000 preschool and CP1 (grade 1) teachers. The program’s implementation will subsequently extend to CP2 (grade 2), CE1 (grade 3), CE2 (grade 4), and eventually cover the entire primary school level.

From left to right : M. TRA Pierre Bertin, Coordonnateur chargé de la Pédagogie au Préscolaire et au Primaire; M. Amos DEMBELE, Directeur Pays de TaRL Africa Côte d’Ivoire; M. KOFFI Faustin, Coordonnateur chargé de la Vie Scolaire et de l’Administration; M. COULIBALY Fatogoma, Sous Directeur de la Formation Continue et de la Pédagogie, attending the framing presentation of the PNAPAS Master Trainers workshop.

The implementation of PNAPAS finds a valuable partner in TaRL Africa, which holds a critical role in offering technical support for PEC implementation. Reflecting on the significance of PNAPAS, Country Director Mr. Amos DEMBELE emphasized, “The concept of consolidating diverse efforts into a singular program to enhance children’s reading competencies is nothing short of ingenious and marks a remarkable stride toward a brighter educational future for the young minds of Côte d’Ivoire. As various stakeholders converge their expertise and dedication, the vision of improved learning outcomes inches closer to reality.”

*Watch Amos’ remarks during the PNAPAS Master Trainers Workshop 


Amos DEMBELE  is TaRL Africa’s Country Director for Côte d’Ivoire. He is tasked to build and strengthen the team that works with the Ministry on the PEC program and support the growth and development of PEC in Côte d’Ivoire.

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