At TaRL Africa, we believe investing in innovation and learning is key to improving the effectiveness and efficiency of accelerating children’s foundational skills acquisition. We have an ambitious learning agenda which outlines several critical questions we aim to answer.

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We learn in a number of different ways at TaRL Africa. Our team analyzes and reflects on program data, field experience, as well as independent process monitoring and qualitative research. This unearths key challenges and helps us prioritize when innovative ideas are required.

We accept that innovation can be challenging in large-scale systems, so we have created space and support required for new ideas to be tried. We nurture innovation through supporting NGOs who have new ideas and the flexibility to trial them. We also facilitate innovation through TaRL Africa learning labs in Côte d’Ivoire, Kenya and Zambia where potential solutions to common challenges are incubated in a few schools.

We also understand and value impact evaluations and aim to support several rigorous evaluations over the coming years that will answer key questions about how to adapt the TaRL approach to the African context so that it can be scaled effectively and sustainably.

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