Does Continuous Professional Development Improve Teaching at the Right Level in Zambia?

 Central Province, Itezhi District, and Western Province in Zambia
 273 public primary schools
 2022 – 2025
Research papers:
 This evaluation was started while Andreas de Barros was a postdoctoral associate at J-PAL Africa.

Remedial education and differentiated instruction are promising approaches to tackle the low learning levels that plague many low- and middle-income countries. However, little is known about how to promote these strategies at scale. Researchers are evaluating the impact of the “Teaching at the Right Level” program on students’ foundational literacy and mathematics skills. The program—which runs in Zambia’s public primary schools and is locally known as “Catch Up”—divides children into groups based on their learning needs and pace and adds extra time during which teachers provide tailored instruction to each group. The study also investigates the effectiveness of combining the Catch Up program with a continuous professional development program for teachers. Research is ongoing; results are forthcoming.

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