Children at the level are fluent readers, capable of reading longer texts. Instructors focus on improving reading comprehension and presenting more complex texts. They also encourage creativity and help learners to plan and organize their writing.


Story level classes read and discuss more complex text. Children read together in their small groups, and answer a series of questions about the text. They infer the meaning of unfamiliar words and move from understanding simple to complex concepts. Instructors come up with exciting ways to encourage reading and discussing stories. See examples of fun story level activities in the video below. 


At the Story Level, children practise their writing every day. They also read and evaluate each other’s work to strengthen their ability to pick out common spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes. During individual writing activities, the instructor assists learners one-on-one, praising their ability to write creative stories, and challenging them to use correct spelling, grammar and punctuation. In this way, instructors build children’s confidence while helping to improve their writing.

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