Terms of Reference (ToR) for Translation Services – TaRL Africa Webinar

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Title Terms of Reference (ToR) for Translation Services - TaRL Africa Webinars
Purpose The purpose of this ToR is to invite proposals from translation vendors to support the TaRL Africa webinar by providing simultaneous translation services in French and Portuguese languages. The translation services are essential to ensure inclusivity and accessibility for participants who are proficient in these languages.
Budget To be submitted as part of the application
Duration 1.5 hours per webinar
Start and end date Per need basis
Location Virtual Session - On Zoom
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TaRL Africa is seeking qualified translation vendors to provide live translation services in French and Portuguese for an upcoming online Zoom webinar. The webinar is scheduled to last for 90 minutes and may involve multiple engagements. The selected vendors will be responsible for ensuring accurate and coherent translation during the webinar sessions.

Scope of Work

The selected vendor(s) will be responsible for the following tasks:

  1. Providing simultaneous translation from English to French and Portuguese during the webinar.
  2. Ensuring accuracy, clarity, and coherence in translation.
  3. Coordinating with TaRL Africa organizers for any necessary preparations or materials required for translation.


The vendor(s) shall deliver:

  1. High-quality live translation services in French and Portuguese languages during the webinars.
  2. Timely submission of any translated materials or documents required for the webinar

Qualifications and Requirements:

Interested vendors should meet the following criteria:

  1. Proficiency in both French and Portuguese languages, with demonstrated experience in simultaneous translation.
  2. Experience in providing translation services for webinars or similar virtual events.
  3. Availability on the date of the webinar and willingness to work within the specified timeframe.

Application Process:

Interested vendors are requested to submit the following documents:

  1. Profile/Portfolio highlighting relevant experience and qualifications.
  2. Details of previous translation projects, particularly for virtual events.
  3. Proposed budget indicating rates for translation services.
  4. Any additional relevant information or references.


  1. Release of ToR: 15/5/2024
  2. Deadline for submission of proposals: 13/6/2024

Evaluation Criteria:

Proposals will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  1. Language proficiency and translation experience.
  2. Quality and clarity of proposed budget.
  3. Availability and ability to meet the requirements of the webinar.

Contact Information:

Interested research parties must submit their written proposals (and questions) in English to TaRL Africa via email at procurement@teachingattherightlevel.org by 13th June 2024.


TaRL Africa reserves the right to reject any or all proposals received and is not bound to accept the lowest-priced proposal.




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