TaRL Africa colleagues from across the globe meet in person after two years!

For almost two years, consecutive waves of the COVID-19 pandemic forced many TaRL Africa colleagues to work from home, limiting interactions to online meetings and emails. When it became safer to resume international travel, members of the central team and representatives from the country teams met in Kenya for a strategy retreat from February 28th to March 2nd, 2022.

This in-person meeting was an exciting opportunity to bond as a team and align on the vision of the way forward for TaRL Africa and its work in Sub-Saharan Africa. Over the course of several sessions, we shared updates on work and plans. We also discussed TaRL Africa-supported programs in detail, sharing learnings from varied experiences and brainstorming on how to more efficiently address the learning crisis exacerbated by the pandemic and school closures.

In addition to workshops and meetings, the team had an opportunity to visit Learning Labs in Kitui. The labs have helped us create spaces for ongoing learning in our core countries and will continue to enable us to hatch adjustments and innovations to improve TaRL programming across the continent.

Meeting each other in person has helped the team to work more effectively across the digital divide. There is more emphasis on finding synergy between different workstreams and cultivating a culture of constant knowledge sharing. As TaRL Africa operations and technical support continue to expand in 2022, we are excited to grow, share and learn!

To learn more about our diverse team, visit tarl.info/meet-the-team

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