TaRL Africa Webinar: Engaging Parents and Communities

TaRL Africa Webinar: Engaging Parents and Communities

On 29 June, at 1pm CATTaRL Africa hosted the second webinar for the year, focusing on engaging parents and communities.

During this time, when many children around the world are not able to go to school, organisations and schools across the world are trying to find ways to keep children learning. The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted the importance of engaging parents and communities in children’s education.

The webinar featured three speakers:

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  • What have we learned from randomized evaluations that policymakers, practitioners, and funders can use to improve social programs? J-PAL’s Policy Insights, organized by sector, highlight lessons emerging across multiple studies and the mechanisms that help explain the results. J-PAL’s upcoming policy insight titled “Providing Information to Students and Parents to Improve Learning Outcomes” draws on lessons from 23 randomized evaluations to demonstrate that giving parents and students information about their educational performance or options often increases parental engagement, student effort, or both, leading to improved learning outcomes. Providing information is also typically a low-cost intervention. Please check back in late July, when the insight will be posted here.


This year, TaRL Africa will host a series of webinars on topics in foundational skills education. We will invite a range of education stakeholders to share their research findings, experiences, and lessons. To stay up to date with webinar news, please sign up for the mailing list.

Photo: Samyukta Lakshman, TaRL Africa

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