TaRL Webinar Session 4: Teacher Training

TaRL Webinar Session 4: Teacher Training

6 March 2018

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Join us for a series of webinars about Pratham’s Teaching at the Right Level (TaRL), a methodology that has been shown, through rigorous evaluations, to consistently improve basic reading and numeracy skills. Each webinar will feature presentations by Pratham, J-PAL, and a number of our partner organisations and will give you the opportunity to ask questions.

Session 4: Teacher Training

On March 6, J-PAL and Pratham hosted the fourth in a series of webinars about Pratham’s teaching at the right level (TaRL) approach. This session focused on Teacher Training. Presenters shared research on the effectiveness of different training programs and discussed Pratham’s approach to teacher training. Radhika Bhula (Senior Policy Associate, J-PAL) shared evidence on the effectiveness of teacher training programs. Usha Rane (Director of Content and Training, Pratham) and Meera Tendolkar(Head of Math Content, Pratham) discussed Pratham’s practice-oriented approach to training teachers to implement TaRL.

Links to resources from the fourth session:

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  1. What is Teaching at the Right Level (TaRL)? (30 August 2017)
  2. Assessment (27 October 2017)
  3. Monitoring and Mentoring (7 December 2017)
  4. Teacher Training (6 March 2018)
  5. Adapting the TaRL approach to different contexts (11 December 2018)
  6. Maintaining Quality at Scale (upcoming – date TBD)
  7. Research Lessons and Agenda (upcoming – date TBD)

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